St. Matthew Lutheran School

Summer Camp for children ages 3-12.


"St. Matt's Kids"

Our Summer Camp Program is an extension of our school year with the added program for our Big Kids.

The Big Kids classrooms are supplied with materials geared to their age group and abilities, i.e. chess, 3-D puzzles, chapter books, etc.

We visit museums, go on picnics, to the movies, miniature golfing, swimming, and much more! We usually travel by C.D.T.A. bus.

We believe in the importance of fresh air and whenever possible we are outdoors. On the days we stay at school we use the sprinkler for cooling off. All of the classrooms are air-conditioned and when it is extremely hot outside, we stay inside!

Not only is fun, relaxation and socialization important for the health and well being of all of us, we are cognizant of the importance of continuing academics and ongoing improvement of their skills. We will informally assess the children and design an academic enrichment program to suit their individual needs. We believe in individual creativity, so art is a very important part of the curriculum. Projects are open-ended so the children are able to express themselves to their fullest potential.

We also feel the need to foster Christian ethics, values, and God's love in our children. We integrate short Bible stories/lessons daily and Grace is said before each meal.

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Last year at Camp!

image 1
Nikki learning to write.

image 2
Sarah learning to count.



75 Whitehall Road

Albany NY 12209