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Kindergarten is not only a school but also what its name implies, a garden, a place for children to grow. When your child enters Kindergarten, he comes not only to learn the three R's but to build a solid foundation of habits, to share experiences, to ready the child to learn the three R's when he/she is old enough to do so.

A Christian Kindergarten teaches Christian truth and living; continues the Christian training which has begun in the home; builds a Christian philosophy of life; lays the foundation for a loyal God-pleasing citizenship; and as stated, preparation for school work.

In Kindergarten your child will:

1. Begin reading and learn reading skills

2. Draw, work with clay, and play with toys to develop handwriting skills

3. Build concepts of size, proportion and numbers in order to make arithmetic seem more sensible

4. Learn to be a member of a social group

5. Learn to continue to work and play with other children in a courteous manner

6. Listening and Following Directions

7. Expression of self in front of a group

8. Being aware of the wonders of nature

9. To print his/her name in manuscript, to count, add and subtract and to tell time

10. Understanding the meaning of safety at home, on the street and at school

11. Learning to know their own address, phone number and birth date

12. Being aware of community helpers including mailman, policeman, fireman, etc.

13. To develop positive habits, attitudes and skills

14. To respect teachers, parents and adults

15. About God's love through Jesus, and to pray and worship

In addition to those, in Kindergarten, your child will learn:

This will not be the only skills your child will acquire in Kindergarten. This loving approach to academics will prepare your child for a life long love of learning.

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