Communication and Visitation


Communication: Parents & Teachers

As the School will play an integral part in your child's daily life, we have a policy of "Open Communication." Parents/Caregivers should plan to spend a few minutes each day with their child's teacher communicating any necessary information. If your child arrives very early, plan to write notes to the teacher or call at naptime or after class is dismissed.

Each child has a cubby and a mailbox that should be checked daily for notices or papers for the parents to read as well as for your child's work.

Parents are required to attend Parent/Teacher conferences to discuss Progress Reports which are issued twice an academic year. Those dates are listed on the school calendar.

Additional conferences may be arranged during the school year at the request of the Parents or Teacher.


Visitation: Parents & The Public

Parents are encouraged to visit their child's room during the school year. No appointment is necessary.

We have an Open Door policy in relation to public visitors. Although our doors are always locked for the safety of our children, we will provide guided tours of the facility, no appointment necessary. To gain entry to the building, simply ring the doorbells located to the right of the back and alley doors.




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